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Monthly Climate Statistics for Jerome, ID

Air Temp°F21.9225.8835.2444.0653.9663.8672.8670.7059.5446.4031.8222.46
Rel Humidity%84.8980.3964.8749.8642.1533.4424.8327.8335.8448.8572.8882.59
Solar Peak HourskWh/m2/d1.902.864.205.506.547.357.366.475.183.622.151.67
Pressure (Atmospheric)kPa83.9983.7983.6983.5983.5983.6983.8983.9983.8983.9983.8983.99
Wind Spdf/s12.8112.8112.8112.8112.8112.4812.8112.4812.8112.4813.4713.14
Earth Temp°F22.0926.7737.4148.7660.4772.5582.2878.4965.1649.4832.5422.99

Geographical Statistics for Jerome, Idaho

Latitude:42.72 °N
Longitude:-114.51 °E
Elevation:4589.90 ft
Design Temp (Heating):15.332 °F
Design Temp (Cooling):82.40 °F
Amplitude (Earth Temp):81.41 °F
Number of Days with Frost:154.00

Other local energy companies (inlcuding Solar Energy) in Jerome, Idaho:

Andys Heating & Ac Inc
224 4th Ave E
Jerome, ID 833381903

Pure Energy Gymnastics Cheer Dance & More
141 S Lincoln
Jerome, ID 83338

City Of Jerome Public Works
4 Avenue W
Jerome, ID 83338

Jerome Fire Department
110 W Yakima Ave
Jerome, ID 83338

951 E Avenue H
Jerome, ID 833382805

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc
220 W Yakima
Jerome, ID 833385999

Jerome Rural Fire Dept-Non Emergency Only
143 E Avenue A
Jerome, ID 833382613

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