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Monthly Climate Statistics for Rexburg, ID

Air Temp°F12.7415.8025.5236.5047.4857.0265.1262.9652.1639.5624.6212.92
Rel Humidity%87.2084.5973.5859.1749.5641.1534.0435.9443.4555.4677.4986.30
Solar Peak HourskWh/m2/d1.912.864.205.366.347.257.266.364.963.392.071.67
Pressure (Atmospheric)kPa79.4979.3979.2979.2979.3979.5979.8979.8979.7979.6979.4979.49
Wind Spdf/s12.1511.8211.5011.1711.1711.1711.5011.5011.5011.8212.1512.48
Earth Temp°F10.9213.9824.6138.4951.1061.1968.9465.8854.5340.6524.2511.28

Geographical Statistics for Rexburg, Idaho

Latitude:43.82 °N
Longitude:-111.79 °E
Elevation:6187.66 ft
Design Temp (Heating):3.128 °F
Design Temp (Cooling):75.272 °F
Amplitude (Earth Temp):79.07 °F
Number of Days with Frost:196.00

Other local energy companies (inlcuding Solar Energy) in Rexburg, Idaho:

Alpine Propane Sales Inc
PO Box 332
Rexburg, ID 83440

Idaho State Government Health And Welfare Dept
333 Walker Dr
Rexburg, ID 834401657

Spartan Energy Control Systems
2674 S 2000 W
Rexburg, ID 834404049

Grand River Boiler & Hydronic Supply
2674 S 2000 W Ste B
Rexburg, ID 834404049

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