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Monthly Climate Statistics for Springfield, MA

Air Temp°F22.1024.9833.4445.6857.9268.1872.5070.7063.1450.5439.5628.58
Rel Humidity%70.7868.7867.7865.4759.7758.1659.1762.3762.7766.5771.2870.68
Solar Peak HourskWh/m2/d1.772.673.624.395.135.585.635.034.072.871.831.50
Pressure (Atmospheric)kPa99.0199.0198.9198.8198.9198.9198.9199.1199.2199.2199.1199.11
Wind Spdf/s13.4713.7913.7913.4711.8211.1710.189.8510.1811.1712.4813.14
Earth Temp°F20.2923.7132.9045.7057.7767.6872.0069.8461.9149.1237.7726.77

Geographical Statistics for Springfield, Massachusetts

Latitude:42.15 °N
Longitude:-72.48 °E
Elevation:875.98 ft
Design Temp (Heating):13.604 °F
Design Temp (Cooling):81.302 °F
Amplitude (Earth Temp):69.494 °F
Number of Days with Frost:125.00

Other local energy companies (inlcuding Solar Energy) in Springfield, Massachusetts:

Applied Proactive Technologies
1242 Main St
Springfield, MA 11031915

Holyoke City Of
99 Suffolk Holyoke
Springfield, MA 1101

Ppl Energy Services Northeast
1 Monarch Pl
Springfield, MA 11441099

Bay State Gas Company
2025 Roosevelt Ave
Springfield, MA 11041693

Lindgren & Sharples Pc
435 Cottage St Ste 1
Springfield, MA 11044010

Rise Engineering
120 Maple St Ste 304
Springfield, MA 11032221

Gesp Inc
254 Worthington St
Springfield, MA 11032302

Metromedia Energy
PO Box 114
Springfield, MA 11010114

Secure Energy Solutions
146 Chestnut St Ste 400
Springfield, MA 11031569

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