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Monthly Climate Statistics for Waterville, ME

Air Temp°F16.5219.7629.1242.6255.2266.0270.8869.4460.9848.2036.5023.72
Rel Humidity%70.0868.5867.2765.4760.2757.2658.5760.5762.1767.8872.2870.88
Solar Peak HourskWh/m2/d1.712.673.784.575.055.465.375.043.972.661.691.41
Pressure (Atmospheric)kPa99.7199.7199.7199.6199.6199.5199.6199.8199.9199.9199.8199.71
Wind Spdf/s15.1115.4415.1114.4513.4712.8111.5011.1712.1513.1414.7815.11
Earth Temp°F14.7018.1228.4042.4555.2565.7070.5668.7659.9346.7834.7021.91

Geographical Statistics for Waterville, Maine

Latitude:44.55 °N
Longitude:-69.62 °E
Elevation:298.56 ft
Design Temp (Heating):5.864 °F
Design Temp (Cooling):79.43 °F
Amplitude (Earth Temp):72.014 °F
Number of Days with Frost:145.00

Other local energy companies (inlcuding Solar Energy) in Waterville, Maine:

Cbx Energy Engineering
24 Common St
Waterville, ME 49016611

Houles Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
19 North St
Waterville, ME 49015413

State Of Maine Public Safety Dept
Waterville, ME 4901

Castine Energy Services
117 Silver St
Waterville, ME 49015923

Maine State Of
18 Colby St
Waterville, ME 49015561

Downeast Energy
95 College Ave
Waterville, ME 49015601

Houle Carroll Jas
19 North St
Waterville, ME 49015413

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