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Monthly Climate Statistics for Worcester, MA

Air Temp°F23.5426.6034.8846.5858.4668.9073.5871.6064.0451.6240.6429.84
Rel Humidity%69.4867.3766.5764.3759.5757.7658.7762.3762.5765.8770.6869.68
Solar Peak HourskWh/m2/d1.812.683.654.485.185.495.675.024.112.951.911.54
Pressure (Atmospheric)kPa100.11100.11100.1199.91100.0199.9199.91100.11100.31100.31100.21100.21
Wind Spdf/s18.0618.3918.0616.7515.1114.4512.8112.4813.1415.1117.0818.06
Earth Temp°F21.9125.5134.3446.7858.4968.9473.4571.1062.9950.2038.8528.04

Geographical Statistics for Worcester, Massachusetts

Latitude:42.30 °N
Longitude:-71.79 °E
Elevation:396.98 ft
Design Temp (Heating):15.494 °F
Design Temp (Cooling):82.328 °F
Amplitude (Earth Temp):69.692 °F
Number of Days with Frost:122.00

Other local energy companies (inlcuding Solar Energy) in Worcester, Massachusetts:

Al Prime Energy
81 Summer St
Worcester, MA 16081007

National Grid Electric
939 Southbridge St
Worcester, MA 16102227

Energy And Life
500 W Boylston St Ste 11
Worcester, MA 16062058

Alternate Energy Inc
30 Nippnapp Trl
Worcester, MA 16071783

Nouris Energy Corp
326 Clark St
Worcester, MA 16061214

Energy Construction Service Inc
76 Webster St
Worcester, MA 16031963

Alternative Energies.Biz
5 Mount Pleasant St
Worcester, MA 16101515

Summit Mobil
853 W Boylston St
Worcester, MA 16063032

Energy Construction Service Inc
93 Grand St
Worcester, MA 16101630

Graybar Electric Company Inc Elect Supls
52 Millbrook St
Worcester, MA 16062840

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
74 Upland St
Worcester, MA 1607

Energy Insulation Conservation Inc
1049 Main St
Worcester, MA 16032485

Hardwick Landfill Inc
30 Nippnapp Trl
Worcester, MA 16071783

World Energy Exchange Inc
1 Exchange Pl
Worcester, MA 16081500

Energy Savers Of America Inc
15 Chestnut St
Worcester, MA 16092803

Industrial Energy Services
Worcester, MA 1612

Coastal Energy Inc
115 Stafford St
Worcester, MA 16031440

Family Oil Co
99 Crescent St
Worcester, MA 16052406

Mass Megawatts
95 Prescott St Ste 5
Worcester, MA 16051716

Commercial Energy Management Inc
7 Sutton Ln
Worcester, MA 16032345

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