Solar Panels and Solar Energy

With each passing day, the importance of solar panel is increasing in leaps and bounds from the quintessential perspective of meeting the energy demands of the ever increasing population of the world, taking into account each and every possible facet of the society. The solar panel, as it may be defined keeping a simple approach, is a complex array of finely built solar cells whose primary function is to effectively transform the solar energy of the sun into highly productive electrical energy that is being utilized in a hoard of devices and equipments used to keep in pace the growing needs of the common mass, to be precise.

In the initial days of research in the field of electricity, the scientists always looked for an alternative option which would be cheaper comparatively. Fortunately, and in a way amazingly too, research and related studies regarding the potential of solar electricity followed quickly. As early as in the year of 1839, the scientist Antoine-Cesar Becquerel experimented with a small chemical battery by keeping it exposed to the rays of the sun and was successful to make it produce a little amount of voltage. It was the first conversion of the solar energy into the electrical energy that was said to be one percent efficient. Gradually developments in this area took pace and many scientists from several countries became interested to do a more detailed research based application of the solar panels using the theoretical and working concepts of the solar cells. With the path breaking work of the genius Albert Einstein exposing the arena of photoelectric effect, new hopes took birth about increasing the level of efficiency of the solar electricity. Further work in research and development of the solar cells and correspondingly that of the solar panels increased its efficiency up to the level of fifteen percent. The frequency of usage of the solar panels has been increasing since then, mainly in the diverse areas ranging from aerospace to domestic lighting. The usage of solar panel finds its place as one of the chief equipments satellites and spacecrafts used exclusively for a vast number of complex tasks. Moreover, the effective usage of the solar panel has got a prominently broad scope in the rural areas where there is little or no availability of electricity facilities. In such cases, the solar panels have huge potential to be used as primary sources of power to be utilized in lighting the houses of the people living in countryside and also helping them in huge proportion by providing a much more streamlined form of irrigation system. This would be more common in those countries of the world that are developing or less developed in nature. Another extremely significant point about the usage of solar panel is the method via which it transforms the solar energy of the sun into electrical energy is absolutely free of producing any form of pollution, thus proving it to be an out and out clean technological innovation and making it an indispensable requirement from the point of view of meeting the energy needs.