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The state of Colorado is known as the "Centennial State" because it had been recognized as a state since 1876. As of present, there are a round 4.9 million people who live in Colorado. With a blessed geography, this state has a lot of advantages. This is the reason why a lot of people choose to stay in Colorado.

Colorado is known for its breathtaking scenery. With abundant rivers, plains and mountains surrounding this area, everywhere you go will be a lovely sight to see. More specifically, there are plateaus, desert-like basins and grasslands that can be found here. Colorado is located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States which explains the lovely view that you can get. What comes with the Rocky Mountains are the notable peaks such as Pikes Peak, Spanish Peak and the Longs Peaks. All of these are definitely worth seeing.

One consequence of this geography, Colorado experiences a generally cooler climate. The mountains and the valleys that can be found surrounding are responsible for this climate. Extreme weather is what you can expect here in Colorado. Summers can really be very hot reaching to 90ºF. Winters can be very cold with temperatures reaching as low as 16ºF.

Colorado has a lot of energy resources. There are large gas field that supply energy to the people here. More than 5% of the annual US natural gas production is from Colorado. Because of the geography of this place, wind power is very efficient. The mountain areas make potential geothermal power. Lastly, the sun that shines in Colorado can give off very efficient solar power.

Having said these things, solar panels in Colorado is one solution to energy consumption. These solar panels are usually attached on the roof of the houses which can provide energy for the whole house. With the bright sun shining in Colorado, this is very feasible. These panels just charge when the sun shines on them and this energy is enough to supply to your home. This can be beneficial when you really want to save a lot of money when it comes to electric bills.

The state of Colorado has a very successful economy. This state started out with the mineral and agricultural industry which has led it into its success. Until now, cattle, wheat, dairy and corn are among the major agricultural products of Colorado. As the success of Colorado continued, more and more industries have been making their way into success. Brands like Swift, Coors, Samsonite and Jolly Rancher are among those which have lead to worldwide recognition.

Colorado has a lot of spots which tourists love to go to. The Colorado National Monument, Butterfly Pavilion and Venice on the Creek are among the top places that you should visit in Colorado. Events like Cinco de Mayo, Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival and the St, Patrick’s Day Parade are events that draw the people in this part of the United States.

Colorado is indeed a wonderful place for tourists, retirees and people who just want to live here. With a beautiful location, you will see how beautiful life is in this place.

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