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Live A Simple Life In Indiana

A lot of people prefer to live a simple life these days. There is only one place where you can live this kind of life. Indiana is a diverse state where urban areas, small industrial cities and small towns go together. This state is hast mostly rural area that is primarily composed of farmland. There are a total of 9 cities in this state – Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Evansville, Gary, West Lafayette, Muncie, South Bend and Terre Haute. Populated by at least 6.3 million, this state is where a lot of people choose to live. If you happen to know someone who is a “Hoosier”, he is from this state.

Indiana is known for a couple of things- Indiana Pacers, Indiana Colts and the Indianapolis 500 motor sports race. Indiana has a strong influence in the field of sports. Besides from this, Indiana is well known for the numerous parks that it has. Among the parks where you can go to are the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Hoosier National Forest and Chain O’ Lakes State Park. The Monument Circle in Indianapolis is recognized as one of the most popular parks where people go to.

Transportation is one thing that you could not miss here in Indiana. As the “Crossroads of America”, this city has the highest number of Interstates in the whole of the United States. The Amtrak is a reliable transportation mode from Chicago going to Indianapolis, passing by Lafayette. A car is definitely one thing that you should have when you are in Indiana. Though there are local bus routes in each of the states, a car is one transportation mode that you could find really useful.

Indiana experiences a humid continental climate. This brings hot summers and cool winters in this city. There is enough sun that shines here in Indiana. There are even times when drought is experienced in this place. Summer brings the temperatures as high as 98ºF. Surprisingly, the winter can get as cold as 19ºF. Weather is something that you should be prepared for when you live in Indiana.

Life in Indiana is something which you envisioned as a “simple life”. There is only a low cost of living in this area which is why people find life here very convenient. Even if this is the case, people still need to make sure that they save up on their expenses. Sometimes, a $24,000 per capita income is just enough for the Hoosiers. For a state like Indiana, a solar panel is needed in order to cut up on electricity bills. As the sunlight charges the solar panel, it is enough to provide energy to the houses.

If you have always dreamt of living a simple life, you can get it here in Indiana. You will always appreciate the kind of life that is waiting for you. Enjoy the diversity that this place will give you. With the mix of both urban and rural areas, you will get the best of both worlds when you stay in Indiana.

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