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Solar Panels for the Best Alternative Source of Energy for Kentucky

Using solar panels in Kentucky will cut greenhouse gases and protect the environment.

Using solar panels in Kentucky will help cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment and will provide the people of Kentucky the best alternative to fossil fuel energy, solar energy. Solar panels consist of a series of photovoltaic cells that collects energy from the sun and directly converts solar energy to electrical energy. The sun produces more than enough energy for all domestic and commercial needs. Solar panel plants and solar energy companies are refining and improving technologies so that enormous amount of energy from the sun can be perfectly utilize to meet the power needs not only of Kentucky but of all the nations of the world thus saving our planet from imminent destruction as a result of man’s neglect of the environment like the greenhouse effect.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is one of the East Central States of the United States of America. It is also known as the “Bluegrass State” because of the abundance of native bluegrass particularly in the Bluegrass country around Lexington, home of the world’s finest race horses. It is bounded by Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. The total area is 40,395 sq miles with a reported population count of more than 4, 200,000.

Among the famous tourist attractions are the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, the Cumberland Falls, the Mammoth Cave National Park, the Natural Bridge State Park, the Red River Gorge, the Black Mountain, and numerous state parks, 37,696 acres of state forest and wildlife areas.

The Cumberland Gap is the gateway or chief entry route used by the early settlers of Kentucky. It is at this point that Kentucky meets Virginia and Tennessee. The Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system known in the world. Inside the cave is the frozen Niagara which is a splendid deposit of onyx. The Red River Gorge is an intricate canyon system with cliffs, red rocks, sandstones, and natural bridges, the largest of which is the Natural Bridge State Park. Kentucky is also famous for its annual horse racing event dubbed as the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

The famous state motto, “united we stand, divided we fall” is inscribed in Kentucky’s state seal around two embracing men. If the people of Kentucky will be fully aware of the great benefits of using solar panels to generate the power needs of all households, establishments, and offices then it will be time for Kentucky to unite once again for a better cause. Solar panels are readily available and can easily be installed on rooftops, gardens, backyards, and other open spaces exposed to sunlight. Solar energy is clean and renewable energy. It is also a cheaper alternative because solar panels are simply charged during daylight hours, and will light up all households, offices, and streetlights during the night.

Imagine Kentucky standing up for solar energy. All electronic equipments, household appliances, vehicles, boats, utility companies, communication companies, and other utilities powered by solar energy. What a laudable undertaking for the whole world to emulate. Go Kentucky, go for solar energy!

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