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Louisiana Legislature Helps Homeowners Save Money on Solar Panels

Louisiana helps homeowner save up to $12,500 on the purchase of solar panels.

From the very beginning, the sun has provided us with warmth and food. But somewhere along the line, in the pursuit of more profitable energy source, an appreciation of the power of the sun was lost. But where else can you get free energy that not only works in harmony with nature but is limitless in supply? And the only things Louisiana residents need to have, in order to tap into this unlimited source of electricity, are a few solar panels.

In January 2009, the average Louisiana home used 1,276 kWh (Kilowatt hours) of electricity per month. Even a 1.8 kWh solar panel system getting about 5 hours of sun per day would produce approximately 273 kWh of electricity per month. This simple system would help you shave about $25.00 off your monthly electric bill. That’s an extra $300 a year in your pocket.

On top of saving money, you are also doing the environment a favor when you install solar panels on your rooftop. Using just 1000 kWh of electricity produced from solar panels vs. traditional coal or oil sources reduces greenhouse emissions by 8 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 5 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 1400 pounds of carbon dioxide. These dangerous gases are the root cause of global warming and are also the source of poor air quality and acid rain.

With all the wonderful benefits received from mounting just a few solar panels, you may be wondering why hardly anyone in your neighborhood has them. The short answer is cost. Having solar panels professionally installed can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Although adding solar panels to your home does boost its market value, it is estimated that it could take as long as 25 years to earn out the cost of your investment.

Luckily, Louisiana has a government tax credit program in effect that will help homeowners get the solar panels they want at a reasonable price. The tax credit program, HB858, gives homeowners a refund on their taxes of up to $12,500 when they buy and install a wind energy system or solar panels. To qualify, the systems must have been purchased after January 1, 2008. However, currently there is no expiration date for redemption. Originally, the bill was only for businesses but was recently rewritten to include homes and apartment complexes.

The federal government is also helping homeowners get a handle on the cost of solar panels. Homeowners who purchased solar panels after January 1, 2009 qualify for a 30% tax credit. Unlike the Louisiana HB858 bill there is no cap on the cost of the system so you could buy a $3000 or a $300,000 system and still get the full 30% rebate.

Whether you just bought a new home or are doing some renovations on a house you've lived in for years, consider installing a set of solar panels to capture some of that free energy produced by the sun. You’ll enhance the value of your home, improve the quality of your life and help the environment.

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