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This article describes about Missouri solar panels

Missouri is a state situated in the Midwest region of United States and it is the most populous state. The capital of the state is Jefferson City. Missouri is bordered by eight different states Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. In Missouri, as per the Senate Bill 54, passed in June 2007, 11% of the State’s energy should be produced from renewable energy source by 2020. To achieve this target, the residents of Missouri can make use of solar energy in daily application.

The technologies related to solar power have tremendously improved over the last few years. Their usage in our daily life is a boon to us as the system is very efficient, reliable and inexpensive. Making use of solar panels can optimize the use of solar energy. Usage of solar panels in our day-to-day needs is a first step towards Green Power Initiative. The advantage of using solar energy is that it does not create air pollution or water pollution.

Solar can be used either in the form of solar thermal or solar electric. Solar thermal energy based panels makes use of sun’s energy and convert it to heat, which can be used for different purposes based upon the need. A most common example of solar thermal energy usage would be in heating of water. You can also find its advanced usage in driving of turbines for generating electricity in states like California. The benefit of this is that it generates electricity at a very nominal cost.

Solar panel is an array of photovoltaic cells and these make use of sun’s energy to convert it into electrical power. This direct current electricity can be converted to alternating current by using an inverter and can be used for home or business purpose. Solar panels should be placed in an area where there is direct sunlight so that it can be utilized to its maximum. If you want that the solar panel should operate efficiently and effectively, make sure that there should not be any object shadow falling on the solar panels.

Solar panels should be installed on the top of a building or a roof or as a stand-alone unit. Basically there are three types of mounts available for mounting solar panels: pole mount, roof mount and flush mount. Solar panels are beneficial for the consumer as well as for the environment. Solar panels do not produce any kind of pollution when they are used for generating electricity. It can make the individual free from relying on the power utility company as well as save the cost of energy bills.

The first step towards implementation of solar panels is to determine the total usage of energy in your home or business. Then you can consult an expert, who will help you in determining the best solar option based upon your requirement and budget. This will have a significant impact on the decrease of your energy bill mostly associated with heating and lighting. In addition, it will also be your effort towards saving the environment.

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