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Nevada is known by many names; “The Sagebrush State” due to its endless desert, “The Battle Born State” because it sided with the Union during the American Civil War and for the large number of silver deposits found and mined there, it has also been dubbed “The Silver State”. It is home to the Mojave Desert, that city of endless entertainment, Las Vegas, and a generous tax incentive for the installation of solar panels.

When you think about it, with all that bare ground and unobstructed sky, Nevada is the perfect place for solar panels. In fact, there is currently a hot debate surrounding the issue of putting up solar panels in the Mojave Desert to capture some of that free energy called the sun. On the one hand environmentalists don’t want the natural beauty of the desert marred by rows upon rows of solar panels. On the other hand, the Department of Energy estimates that 17 square miles per state of photovoltaic solar panels would take care of the electrical needs of the entire country, something the desert could easily accommodate.

But using the Mojave Desert for that purpose won’t happen anytime soon as opposing sides are battling it out in government offices. As it is, the desert already houses nine solar plants called the Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS). Built in the 1980s, the SEGS are the largest solar power installation in the world, having the combined capacity to generate 354 megawatts of solar energy which is enough to power close to 40,000 homes for one year. With 2.6 million residents, Nevada is going to need a little more help.

In addition to getting the Mojave Solar Park online in 2011, which will produce 553 megawatts of solar power, Nevada legislature is taking some of that Vegas money and using it to incentivize their residents into outfitting their homes with solar panels. Homeowners can take part in the RenewableGenerations Program where they can get a rebate of up to $2.30 per watt of electricity generated by their solar panels returned to them from the state (with a cap of $10,500).

Nevada homeowners are also eligible to receive a tax abatement of their property. For each dollar the installation of solar panels or other solar technology adds to the value of the home, the resident can take that amount off the assessed value of the property for the purpose of paying property taxes. So for example, if your solar panels add $500 to the value of your home, you can subtract $500 from the amount your property is worth which results in you paying less taxes.

Nevada also participates in net metering. Any time your solar panels generates more electricity than you need, you will receive a credit on your utility bill for dumping that excess energy into the power grid. On top of all these benefits that Nevada provides for its residents, homeowners are still eligible for the 30% tax credit from the federal government when they purchase solar panels. How’s that for hitting the jackpot?

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