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New Jersey Solar Panels

Solar power is getting cheaper each year. New Jerseyans are now jumping on the band wagon and going solar after seeing the cost reductions they would get, and how they could make their home more energy efficient.

New Jersey, well-known for its gorgeous beaches, natural attractions, shopping malls and commercial sprawl has developed into a solar energy powerhouse. This catapults the state as the second most solarized territory in the country, next to the state of California. Principally this is due to the local government’s earnest desire to pool at least 30 percent of its energy requirements from renewable energy by 2020, projecting to corner at least 2.12 percent of it from solar by 2012. Since last year, New Jersey had 70 megawatts of grid-linked solar power. Recently, there was pronouncement that the state had installed its 4,000th solar system – ranking the state foremost in solar installed per square mile. What this clearly shows is that well-thought of policies, coupled with genuine determination is more significant than the amount of sun that’s obtainable.

Another big factor is the incentive given to residents and businesses that make it inexpensive to purchase and set up solar power systems, this includes generous rebates and tax credits. Liberal state incentives can pay for about 90 percent of a home solar system. A 5-kilowatt solar system would go down from $37,500 to about $2,625 following application of the state rebate, federal tax credit, and renewable energy program through the state's biggest electric utility, PSE&G.

Truth is solar power is getting cheaper each year. Prices of solar panel went down 30 percent from 1998 to 2008 due to decreasing installation and manufacturing costs, and state subsidies. New Jerseyans are now jumping on the band wagon and going solar after seeing the cost reductions they would get, and how they could make their home more energy efficient. Thousands of homeowners are now discovering they can shoulder the outlay of a rooftop solar panel in just a few years and then begin taking in the energy savings.

Contemplating on installing solar panels? There are a number of incentives for having one, this includes: stable electric cost, clean electric generation, backup power for utility outage, fight climate change/global warming, generate safe electricity supply, sending electricity back to the utility (net metering) is favorable, higher resale value for your property, etc. The green part of going solar, and using the panels redound to the eradication of million of tons of greenhouse gases that is tantamount to taking away thousands of cars from the roads for months. That seems astounding statistic, but that’s precisely the type of zero emissions technology, solar panel carries.

Being aware that there are a variety of ways to reduce the price of installing solar panels is a great stimulus to take action now. One feasible alternative for having solar panels installed by a professional is to construct your own solar panel. All it really takes is total determination and investment of time from you. It is easy to acquire guide on creating solar panels, the internet is the best place to obtain know-how, and materials can readily be sourced from your local hardware store. Many have found this to be a great alternative, and the least expensive of all.

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