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The city of New York is making an earnest effort to convert to the use of renewable energy.

New York is the city is the most populated in the entire United States. It is known as a financial, cultural and manufacturing center that is extremely well connected to all the places in the world through its airports, and also has ports which have always been major entry points for the immigrants that have periodically come into the United States throughout its history. The sight of the Statue of Liberty as ships enter the port signifies a lot of hope. It is also well connected within the United States by rail and a vast network of roads and expressways that could take you to any corner of the country.

Electricity consumed in New York

New York City consumes 141,398 million kilowatt hours of electricity and the governor of the state has announced a policy which will ensure that the state will obtain 45 percent of its electrical requirements through sources of clean energy by the year 2015. This is known as the 45 by 15 plan, and solar energy is one of the sources being considered to achieve this target.

Solar panels

Solar panels use light energy from the sun to generate electricity. This is through the photovoltaic effect on crystalline silicon cells. Efficiencies of such cells are between 5 and 18 percent and are largely dependent on the purity of the silicon used. The high cost of producing such refined silicon is one of the greatest impediments to the further development of solar cells.

New York Solar Panels

In an initiative by public officials, the Frontier Garage which is an establishment of the public transportation authority is setting up a 250 kilowatt installation to produce 10 percent of the electricity required there by installing 1200 solar panels. It will generate 260,000 kilowatt-hours of energy in a year and will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the garage. This is part of the renewal energy program launched by the Power Authority. Also in the pipeline is a 1.1 megawatt solar panel project to provide power to the University of Buffalo.

New York is one of those cities that give a lot of incentives to people who put up solar panels. This policy is due to lapse in December 2009 unless it is extended. It also has in place a net metering policy which allows you to store any excess energy that you produce with your solar panels and pay you the cost of energy produced by you during a year and not used by you, but sent to the grid. The present policy is restricted to one percent of the total capacity of the total capacity of the state’s public utilities.

Rebates available for New York Solar Panels

An ordinary customer of the power utilities in the state of New York can also install solar panels and get rebates in income tax. 25 percent of the cost of the solar panel installation put up can be deducted from state income taxes. Such installations are also free of sales tax. Property tax abatements are also available for customers having solar panels installed. Residents can also get a rebate on their utility bills depending on the size of the installation they have put up. A 5KW installation could save up to 90 percent of your energy bill.

The use of solar panels can greatly reduce environmental damage if it is taken up by all the citizens of the state of New York.

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