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Solar power adds sparkle to South Carolina

Solar friendly South Carolina

South Carolina is a small agricultural state with rolling farmlands and a rich equestrian history. Providing homes to nearly nine million people, South Carolina is also populated by an estimated 225,000 horses. With waterfalls, lakes and mountains in the interior of the state, the true jewel of South Carolina is its amazing coastline. Miles of white, sandy beaches stretch along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean providing spectacular coastal locations for holiday-makers and tourists, including the popular resorts of Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

South of Charleston is a scattering of marshy islands where remnants of the old Gullah culture still exist. These islands are home to descendents of West African slaves brought into the state to work on the plantations. When freedom was granted in 1865, the former slaves were given the islands as their new homeland. The dialect spoken on the islands is known as Gullah and is unique to this group of African-Americans.

Nicknamed the ‘palmetto state’, South Carolina has a rich history that is still recognizable in its restored plantation estates. Due to its heavy dependence on slave labor, the state was a leader in the dispute over slavery and the foothills of the North West provided sites for many fierce Civil War battles. This rich history, combined with the agricultural productivity and natural beauty of the state give great incentive to both government and residents to help reduce the human impact on the environment by utilizing renewable energy resources such as solar panels, dual flush toilets and other green innovations.

In 2007, the South Carolina legislature passed a bill to overhaul their renewable energy policy and introduce tax credits for solar electricity systems. Because of this initiative, it is now possible to save round $4,000 in tax credits on a complete solar system. By using solar panels to generate electricity for either home or business in this sunny state, it should be possible to capture enough energy to save around $1,000 per year on utility bills. Having solar panels installed on your property also add to value to both residential and commercial buildings and give you the peace of mind each one of those solar panels is helping to reduce damage to the environment.

A recent project in South Caroline, called Passive Solar Home Designs for South Carolina, gives strategic design to maximize the solar panels’ sun exposure during winter but avoid too much during the summer in order to reduce the potentially increasing costs of cooling the property.

Some residents are taking the concept of being environmentally friendly even further and homes are being specifically designed to minimize environmental impact. These revolutionary homes integrate a number of green aspects and energy saving facets, including a solar batch water heater, which utilizes solar panels to heat the water and can reduce the costs of water heating to just $20 a year.

So, with the promise of reduced expenditure, reduced greenhouse gasses and a healthier environment for the future, solar panels make sense on every level – especially to residents of the sunny state of South Carolina.

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