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What do you want to know about Tennessee?

Tennessee, nicknamed as the Volunteer State is a state that is located in the southeastern part of the United States. Geographically, it can be divided into three main divisions called East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. Although Nashville is the capital of this state, the largest city is Memphis.

In terms of climate, most of the state has a humid subtropical climate except for the mountain areas. Generally speaking, Tennessee experiences hot summers with temperatures reaching up to 32 °C making it a good place to generate solar energy using solar panels. The climate during winter normally ranges from mild to cool. The state also experiences winter storms, tornadoes, ice storms and fogs. Some of the tornadoes can be really severe and cause a number of fatalities.

According to the U.S Census in 2008, the total population for this state was 6,214,888. It is one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. Although Memphis has the most population compared to the other cities in Tennessee, Nashville remains the top as the largest metropolitan area with or without solar panels. In terms of economy, outputs such as textiles, cotton, cattle and electrical power are the major contributors. Big companies like FedEx Corporation, AutoZone Incorporated, International Paper, Pilot Corporation, Regal Entertainment Group are Eastman Chemical Company are located in this state.

Nissan‘s huge manufacturing plant is also situated in Tennessee. For those of you are interested to visit Tennessee, there are many interesting places to check out. The most famous place with or without solar panels in Tennessee would be Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. It is the second most visited place in the whole of U.S. Apart from being preserved precisely as when Elvis was still alive, it also has additions like the Jungle room, his grave, the Lisa Marie and Jetstar airplanes. Another great place to visit is the Tennessee Aquarium.

It is the world‘s largest fresh water aquarium with or without solar panels. You also get a chance to see penguins, butterflies, birds, river otters and turtles. There is a special exhibit of the Gulf Mexico‘s sea creatures like sharks and jellyfishes as well. For hiking and cycling enthusiasts, you can explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Apart from having an international biosphere reserve and a World Heritage Site, it also features more than 4,000 species of plants.

You can even enjoy camping, swimming, picnicking and fishing with your family or friends. One of the favorite attractions in Tennessee is the Parthenon. It is the exact replica of the ancient Parthenon in Greek Mythology. Other than having the largest bronze doors in the world, it also showcases the tallest indoor sculpture of the Western world, featuring Athena Parthenos. To enjoy the breathtaking views of Chattanooga city and even some of the other states, simply visit Rock City. It has a number of beautiful gardens on top of Lookout Mountain. Have fun at the swinging bridge or enjoy the beautiful fall near Lovers’ Leap.

Overall, the state of Tennessee seems like a wonderful place to live with your family or simply visit as a tourist.

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