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Texas and its potential as a renewable energy source

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Texas is the second largest state in the United States in terms of area and population. Due to its geographical location, Texas has diverse landscapes including desert areas and various climatic conditions.

During the summer months, temperatures could go up to 26 °C in the mountains of West Texas and on Galveston Island while Rio Grande Valley areas could experience temperatures up to 38 °C. But, most areas of Texas undergo summer high temperatures in the 32 °C range. During the night, summer temperatures could vary from the upper 14 °C in the West Texas Mountains to 27 °C in Galveston. Hence, the state of Texas has a lot of potential to be a good contributor of solar energy. Texas would be one of the perfect places to test and erect solar panels for generating solar energy.

Since the majority of the Texas population is more concentrated in urban areas such as Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth, there is still a lot of empty land to make use of. Texas land could be used to test and build solar panels. The desert areas would make an ideal testing ground for solar energy generation. The discovery of oil in the early 1900s led to a booming oil industry that is still crucial. Texas is a state leader in many areas such as agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, computers, electronics, aerospace and even biomedical sciences.

It is the leading state in the United States in terms of export revenue and having the second highest gross state product. Due to the huge number of coal power plants, refining and manufacturing industries, it is not surprising that Texas is also the leader for emitting the most greenhouse gases in the U.S. Such gases could be detrimental to health in the long run. A wise option would be to use a renewable energy source. Although Texas does make use of wind power as a renewable energy source, generating solar energy using solar panels would make another good option. There is no necessity to rely on the wind, its direction and power. The Sun is the source of solar energy and it is readily available especially during the hot summer months.

Texas is well-known for farming and agriculture. It has the most farms and livestock production in the United States. Since Texas is rich in mineral resources, mining is another key sector. The consumption of energy is indeed high. The state of Texas is said to consume the most energy in the country per capita and as a whole. Although Texas has its own alternating current power grid called the Texas Interconnection and uses wind power as a renewable energy source, it would be more beneficial to include solar energy as well. Solar panels can also be used as rooftop installations for water and space heating systems in Texas homes.

Considering all these, erecting solar panels and generating solar energy as a renewable energy resource is indeed very beneficial to Texas. It is energy saving, cost effective in the long run, environmental friendly and perfect for the land and houses in the state of Texas.

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