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Utah Residents Save Money The Smart Way With Solar Panels

This article discusses how Utah residents and businesses can save energy environmentally as well as the terrific cash rebates on offer regarding the installation of solar panels in Utah.

Utah is undoubtedly a gorgeous outdoor paradise with everything from pristine National parks to gold courses and sunny St George to the historic temple Square as well as lively Salt Lake City and more adrenalin pumping outdoor appeal that keeps people coming back to visit every year. Utah has a wide variety of attractions and activities to suit everyone. But what about those countless people no longer content to visit but have instead decided to call Utah home? They’ve packed up their belongings and relocated their family where they can chance a mountain bike Slick rock adventure in Moab Utah and go whitewater rafting through Cataract Canyon whenever they feel like doing so as they now call Utah home.

Snowboarding and other winter activities are undoubtedly fun but what about the living costs in Utah? Do they fare comparatively with other states? What about water heating costs for a hot bath after snowboarding, mountaineering or that all daytrip cycling adventure?

Countless people have taken advantage of the liberal cash rebates and tax credits that eliminate the expense of having solar panels installed to reduce or in some cases totally eliminate their electricity bills. With a nice tax credit and no cap in place; the savings to Utah residents is huge.

In Utah; with rebates of $2,000 per AC kilowatt to a maximum rebate of $6,000 for private homes and a whopping $30,000 for commercial properties for installing solar panels you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water! It will also not cost the earth to have access to solar hot water because unlike traditional hot water systems; solar panels bring the cost of living down!

More good news about swapping over to solar panels in Utah is that there is also a 25% personal tax credit applicable for private residential installations up to $2,000 and a 10% personal tax credit for those commercial installations up to $50,000. And there’s also the 30% uncapped Federal tax credit for both commercial and residential installations.

The savings don’t end there either as the new systems using solar panels produce electricity. How’s that? Not only will the solar panels give you free hot water but they also generate electricity that you can sue to run other household appliances like fridges, washing machines, computers, TVs and air conditioning just to name a few! The running costs will be a whopping zero as your appliances will run from the power your solar panels harnessed directly from the sun.

Those people in Utah that love the great outdoors will also be able to save money by no longer having to rely on the ever increasing prices for alternative fuels like natural gas, oil and electricity. Instead solar panels will harness the energy from the sun and then convert it into efficient electricity which could in turn be used to run their entire household needs if the system is large enough.

What a great way to help the environment and save a wad of cash at the same time. Residents in Utah certainly are happy to say a big thank you for these fabulous government incentives on solar panels.

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