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Vermont will always be known for its welcoming atmosphere. The very comfortable lifestyle that Vermont offers for the people make it such a popular place to live in. People just love to stay here because of the breathtaking fall foliage that sets the state into one wonderful place. True enough, it deserves to be called the Green Mountain State.

As the leading producer of maple syrup, Vermont will always be known for its lovable autumn. As the fall foliage fills in the city, it signals another time of the year where maple syrup is once again made. Vermont becomes a beauty with the wonderful red, gold and orange leaves color the city. Summer is a very hot season with high humidity. Winters are very cold with snow averaging from 60 to 100 inches in a year.

This climate is not only ideal for the people living here to provide a favorable weather. Beyond this reason, there is more to the climate of Vermont. It provides the perfect opportunity for the residents to save as much when it comes to their electricity bills. With the widely used solar panels, people are able to use an alternative energy source which is more beneficial than petroleum. The solar energy is a better alternative for electricity which makes solar panels very efficient is energy conservation. People who have used this reduced their electricity bills to as much as 50%.

There are s lot of places in Vermont that really impress the people here. Especially with the architecture that this city has, people will be able to appreciate much of these exquisite architecture. The Vermont State House is a golden-domes building which is very simple but an elegant structure. Another is the Old Constitution house which has been preserved since the 1700 and remains are one of the more sophisticates houses here.

Vermont is known for Lake Champlain. This makes up about 50% of the western border and is such a magnificent body of water. This is one sight that will definitely be worth seeing in Vermont. Especially when the sun hits the clear water, it gives off a certain appeal to this body of water. The Green Mountains is also a wonderful view from Vermont. It runs from north to south which can really be a breathtaking view from this state.

Tourism is a huge industry in this area. During the summer, there are camps which provide Trout fishing, ice fishing and trailing. One of the most popular places to visit is the Catamount Trail. There are also a couple of state parks and golf courses for the people to enjoy. Winter on the other hand is one season where people rush to the numerous ski resorts all over the place. Anytime of the year, Vermont will definitely be a nice place to go to.

Vermont and the sweet smell of Maple is one thing that people remember here. With such a welcoming atmosphere, this city remains as one of the best places where people can live. Enjoy as much as what life has to offer here in Vermont!

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