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Considered as part of the Midwest, Wisconsin is situated in the north – central United States. Bordered by Minnesota to the West, Iowa to the South West, Illinois to the South, Michigan to the North East and Lake Superior to the North, Wisconsin is home to some 5.6 million residents. Madison is the Capital city, while Milwaukee enjoys its status as the largest city within the state.

Geographically, the state of Wisconsin is considered the twenty third largest state within the United States of America, covering an area a little over 65,000 square miles which can be divided into five distinctive regions; In the north, the Lake Superior low lands occupies a belt of land along Lake Superior. Just to the south, the Northern Highlands has massive mix of hardwood and coniferous forests, as well as thousands of glacial lakes.

In the middle of the Wisconsin, the Central Plains have some unique sandstone formations in addition to rich and fertile farmland. The Eastern region in the South East is home to many of Wisconsin's largest cities. In the South West, we have the Western Upland; a rugged landscape with a mix of forest and farmland. This region is part of the Drift less Area which also includes portions of Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota.

Offering a rich and diverse landscape, Wisconsin has rapidly become an appealing destination for travelers and outdoor adventurers who wish to explore the many lakes and rolling rivers. The most popular tourist attractions being the Wisconsin Dells and the Northern forest and lake regions.

Like many other states in the US, Wisconsin is becoming increasingly aware of the need to find alternative energy resources. Although Wisconsin's economy was founded on farming, mining, and lumbering, it now relies more on tourism and the services industries when it comes to state wealth.

In Wisconsin solar panels are fast becoming the most popular alternative energy application. While many think there is not enough sunshine to warrant a Wisconsin solar panel installation, the fact is that during the summer months, Wisconsin boasts at least seventy five percent of the annual solar energy received by the Arizona desert and Southern California.

Even during the winter months, Wisconsin solar panels can reach a sixty percent output increase from light deflected from the snow.

Local governments in Wisconsin are now able to offer homeowners affordable loans to help fund renewable energy projects and the installation of solar panels to homes and properties across the state.

In Wisconsin solar panels have already been installed in a number of schools and public buildings, but with the new AB 255 law of May 2009 passing the above mentioned homeowner loans, it looks like Wisconsin will be encouraging individuals and businesses to become more energy efficient.

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